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Areas of Practice
Core Services
Services Offered

Preparation of residential real estate contracts in a “For Sale By Owner” transaction, the proper receipt and deposit of earnest money

Representation of Buyers or Sellers through closing where the transaction has been negotiated through a REALTOR

Representation of Buyers or Builders in the closing of new construction

Issuance of title insurance through a choice of three major title insurance companies in either the sale or refinance of your property

Core Services

As your attorney for a real estate transaction, I offer an array of services to ensure that you will enjoy competent, professional, and efficient representation for your closing. Upon your telephone inquiry, my fee can be quoted on a “flat fee” basis without obligation.

When representing the Buyer, I will:

  • Review and when possible suggest modifications under the attorney modification clause of the contract.
  • Monitor your loan approval to assure that you are protected within the contingency for financing paragraph of the contract.
  • Review the evidence of title to be provided by the seller’s attorney, including all documents submitted by the seller relating to the transfer of title of the property, together with mortgage documents generated by your lender to be signed by you at closing. I will clear normal title objections, and I will prepare certain documents which must be provided at closing.
  • Serve notice as required by the Home Inspection provision of the contract and negotiate a settlement of issues raised.
  • Perform all necessary title clearing functions required of the Buyer and explain the status of title to you at closing.
  • Attend the closing and explain the loan documentation and title transfer documents to you.
  • Receive the title policy after closing, review the policy and forward it to you with the recorded deed.

When representing the Seller, I will:

  • Review and when possible suggest modifications permitted under the attorney modification clause of the contract.
  • Prepare and review all legal documents and draft other documents customarily used in real estate transactions.
  • Perform all necessary title clearing functions.
  • Order the survey, title commitment, payoff letters, management letters, condominium insurance policies, and other documents or services required of the Seller for closing.
  • Schedule and attend the closing, reviewing with you all the documents of transfer.
  • Attend to post-closing details, such as obtaining mortgage releases, refunds of tax escrows for those payoffs handled by my office, and administering post-closing possessions.
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