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Federal Housing Administration
Information about buying and financing residential real estate using Federal Housing Administration insured mortgages.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Information on the national flood insurance program, disaster management and recovery and geographical mapping of flood/disaster zones.

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Information about FHA insured mortgages, lending and servicing.

Veterans Administration
Veterans Administration guaranteed mortgages and programs.


For Consumers and Clients

I have a number of informative brochures explaining different aspects that impact a closing of residential properties. Please e-mail me to receive any of the following:

Buying a Home: How Your Attorney Works for You
This brochure will explain how a real estate attorney can protect you.

Buying a Home: Protect Yourself Against Predatory Lending Practices
Learn about predatory lending and the best ways you can protect one of the largest financial investments of your life.

Buying a Home: What You Need to Know
This brochure describes these issues and how to address them to make your dream of home ownership come true.

Selling a Home: What You Need to Know
This brochure lists the seven most important steps you should follow to a successful home sale. 

For Realtors

Net Sheet

Please e-mail me for a copy

This is a Microsoft Excel 2003 worksheet that I designed to assist in the calculation of the net proceeds available to the Seller after the reduction of the purchase price by certain costs of sale.

The "Short Sheet" report calculates the net proceeds after reduction of the purchase price by the commission, the estimated title charges, the State, County and Municipal Revenue Stamps, survey and a homeowner/condominium association fee.

The "Detailed Sheet" report more closely resembles a Buyer/Seller closing statement and includes most of the Seller charges that can be estimated at the time of Listing, including all charges shown on the "Short Sheet", together with the Real Estate Taxes unpaid and prorated, the mortgage payoffs, the Seller's payment of any Buyer's closing costs and home warranty. Additional lines are available for insertion of any additional costs anticipated at the outset.

Both sheets make use of a municipal transfer tax calculator that has been prepared with information available as of December 30, 2007.

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